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  Our company relies on China Optical Valley and Huazhong University of Science and Technology, the backing of the industry by virtue of deep research and power support, and inheriting six years embedded control products research projects and research experience, since its inception, the HMI oriented products, to innovation and technological progress, And HMI to guide the concept of new industry!
  We have a huge research and development team. The products have 20 number of senior engineers in R&D development center. Postdoctoral one of them, 2 doctors, and the rest are experienced industry technology professionals. Strong R&D capability and the capacity of technological innovation make our new products, new technologies, endless.
  Intellectual Property
  Intellectual property rights are important, as society advances and development of technology. Want to have own intellectual property must innovate. because innovation is the driving force for the development of science and technology, innovation is driving force industry, Only innovation can have a high starting point and high efficiency, Our company to give full play to technology, markets, and talents of the three major advantages, and pay special attention to technical innovation in order to have independent intellectual property, and use that knowledge to create wealth.
Of each enterprise, intellectual property is a very important and arduous task. In order to maintain its leading position, we must continue to innovate and protection of intellectual property competition in the market. We will in future work, relying on the state's favorable policies and the support of their superiors to continue to thoroughly implement the strategy of intellectual property rights, and adhere to the road of technological innovation to meet the new face of the arrival of the knowledge economy.
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